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We identify and categorize job applicants and connect them with the companies in our global network

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We have large number of skilled applicants and we can identify your need and give you suitable candidates.

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We will not only find you job opportunities but also support you throughout the interview.

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We provide relevant training necessary to develop the skills recruiters are looking for.

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Carewin has got the structured placement criteria that identify employment opportunities and provide placements sited to the profile and potential of the candidates. We simplify the time consuming process   of interviewing candidates for reputed organizations with our reliable staffing solutions.

More than simply recruiting, we emphasize on the analytical side of the candidate, his/her mental ability to withstand the probable odds and pressures in most industries. Because of our systemic and successful efforts, we have able to partner with leading healthcare institutions in the Middle East and GCC countries and leading industries in UK and Europe to offer the best placement opportunities for our students.

Already 50 male nurses have been recruited offshore projects in Abu Dhabi and more than 180 nurses to GCC. Our planning list comprises300 nurses to be recruited in Germany by March2019 and 300 nurses in the UK and 360 nurses to be placed nationally. Besides, we have conducted job drives for the placement of skilled nursing professionals in GCC and European countries, UK, Ireland and the USA.


We are absolutely committed to finding and placing candidates into the best possible roles with companies based on their interests.

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